Discover how the creative arts are integrated throughout many facets of society. Experience and navigate through a city filled with arts influences and draw upon the inspiration around you to create.

Learn from master artists through a collaborative project and meet academics and industry professionals as you experience the effects the arts have on our environment, fashion, entertainment, palate, transportation, communications and much more.

Program Components

Research the Culture

There are several art and design hubs in specific cities in the world which serve as wonderful backdrops for studying the creative arts. The team of 3 – 5 students will meet with their Real Ideas Studio mentor(s) to tailor their project on the backdrop of their selected city. 

Select Master Artists

The students will identify several master artists which they would like to mentor under and efforts will be made to secure workshop(s) and or interview(s) to assist in guiding the collaborative project.

Creative Arts Exploration

Students will experience a variety of creative arts activities to enhance and inspire their creative talents.

Application Requirements

Prospective students will apply for program consideration. Program dates and fees will vary dependent on accepted applicant availability, creative arts interest and resources required to complete the collaborative projects.

Financial Support

Real Ideas Studio provides accepted applicants many ways in which to raise funds for their mentored collaborations, such as scrip and service based outreach. Depending on the project and availability, grant and scholarships may be available.

Request an application by emailing